Motorcycle Rides

Cheers to the greatest love story never told
The Gringa and Rubirosa
The Nuyorquina and her Campesino
The spark that would exist between ‘el cruze’ and the Southside of Brooklyn
It was disaster and perfection all at the same time
Just like, summa’ sweat on a Christmas night
With the smell of Brugal Extra Viejo, sex and cheap cologne
Old school boom boxes, blastin’ to the beat of merengue, bachata and regueton
They danced
And they fucked
Later loved
Her first time, his lost count
Her heart broken, his heart stolen
Olleme loco, I had esa tipa at hello
She was ratata, mortal un mujeron
And I, como todo un caballero, un Casanova, tenia que meterle mano
Mire mi hermano
Meeting her took me this cerquinininga to getting my Dominican ass to Nueva Yol’
Diablo manin’, el sueno Americano, tu te imagina?
No more Platano, Salami and Longaniza for Breakfast lunch and dinner
Y e’ facil? huumm
Kentooky friii chicken pa’ ti y pa’ mi
Tu sabe que?
Those palomo from el otro lao’ don’t know how to treat a woman
Dique sending cards and flowers… who does that shit?
No! No! No! No!
This is how a mayimbe, un matatan like me treats a woman
Numero 1: Give her pilaaaa e’ cotorra
Numero 2: Dedicate a Jose Jose song to her
And Numero 3: Tell her “Diablo mami, yo te I love you… tu hace que mi corazoncito haga tuki
tuki tun”
Diale loco, she almost believed me… casi
Que se yo… esa tiguera started reading Che Guevara… women’s liberation
Saying she did not want to end up like her tias and her abuelas
I told her “Mira Ana, no one, nadie, OISTE, is gonna make you feel, the way you feel when
you’re with me”
And all she said was “Aiiiii Salad”
She’d call me that because my name is Cesar
“Hazme el favor!”
But her ass did take it literally and she wanted to see que habia en el menu

Anabelle Gonzalez and I am a 31 year old Dominican American Poet/Writer. I used to be a passionate spoken word artist however took a hiatus for several years until I realized recently that my work was meant to be read and not heard. I feel there is way more beauty when readers have the freedom to their own interpretation. Hope you enjoy my work!