If you are on this page its because you are either about to become ready to publish or currently are ready to do so. We’ve done this before so you are off to a great start by inquiring with us. But first, did you finish the book? Did you find an editor within your genre to review and edit your book? Have you made the final revisions and corrections? If so here are your next steps.
  1. If you are located in the U.S.A-Copyright your Book via the Library of Congress. Visit www.copyright.gov
  2. Decide how you want to publish your book i.e. E-book, softcover or hardcover format. Some platforms allow to publish in all three. Do your research find which one is most cost effective and beneficial to your publishing needs.

Here are our top self-publishing platforms.

3. Think about the look of your book, what type of cover would you like? You may want to invest in a graphic designer, which may be costly, or you may use the services that some of these platforms have to offer for free. 4. Check out www.Reedsy.com to find editors, designers, or marketers who can help bring your book to life.