* This Workshop will be capped at 15 ppl. Astrology has been around for hundreds of years, and it’s only now that many – especially writers – are tapping into it as an established wisdom to better create and write. Does astrology influence your writing style, routine and writing habits? How can you better tap into your writing strengths and weaknesses using astrology as a guide? Workshop attendees will learn more about their planet placements, such as Mercury, the Sun and Moon, and how these influence their writing and living flow. Attendees are encouraged to either bring a natal chart to the workshop, or contact the workshop organizers to provide them with one prior to the workshop. Facilitated by Carolina Pichardo. . Carolina has been learning and doing astrology for well over a decade, learning from some of the greatest mentors and teachers in the game, as well as through the charts and experiences of loved ones and friends. As a past-journalist, current editor, educator and producer, her work can be found in DNAinfo New York, NY1 Noticias, Advertising Age, Everyday Health, Working Mother Magazine and Parent Magazine. She lives in the Bronx with her husband, two kids and Boston Terrier, Rocco.